Content Management System

Automated Correspondence

Content management system or CMS, will automate your correspondence with our email and SMS trigger based events and templating system.

Automate your correspondence with our content management system.

Email & Sms Correspondence

Eliminate manual email and SMS communication to clients, real estate affiliates, contractors and more by activating over 50 default trigger based events. Both email and SMS content is fully editable and pulls in {{tags}} for added flexibility and scalability.

Flexible Templates

Edit the content in our default email templates that are branded to your business or create your own and simply past in the HTML, add {{tags}} and go.

Internal User Notifications

Never miss a time sensitive task. All employees and field reps can setup their active alerts and drive down response times while increasing client satisfaction.

Automate Attachments

Does the Title Officer need the invoice to close? Do you provide customers with a contract or brochure after order? Is your contractor waiting on a work order? We don't just send these attachments, we auto generate them!
Mic Drop...

Token Based Access Links

Allow users or recipients to quickly access dashboards, work orders and claim portals with token based access links that you can add to your internal notifications or emails and SMS correspondence. Dramatically improve ease of use and user's overall experience when interacting with your system.

Reduce time spent and increase productivity

Content management system

Improve handle times

These are a few areas our customers save the most time with automated correspondence and data sync against contracts and claims.

Content Management System

Event Configuration

Automate your correspondence with our robust content management system. Activate or disable notifications, email and SMS correspondence for over 50 events. Customize every touch, to and from your organizations communication pipeline and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Content management system
Content management system

Content Configuration

Edit email, SMS and notification content in over 50 default events. Don’t like our standard email template? No worries! Easily paste HTML right in the editor with your own custom design. Create standardized templates to work from and adjust only the body of the content for each new event. Add {{tags}} from a list so the message injects all the details needed like: customer name, address, contract number and many more.

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