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Claim Portals

Automated claim portals help streamline your workflow across the board. Bid Box Pro's home warranty management software allows you to attach email and SMS to events that can easily trigger customized correspondence and content. 

Automate your home warranty claims

Automated Claim Portals

Sales/Order Portal

Embed a provided iFrame to your website that syncs sales and orders to your internal dashboard. No need for remedial data entry.

Claim Portal

Provide clients with an easy access claim portal that links to their contract. All data syncs for easy management.

Contractor Portal

Geolocate contractors, dispatch and issue work orders that are interactive and sync quotes and diagnosis to each claim.

Affiliate Portal

Maintain relationships with your real estate affiliates. See how EcoDex can drive referrals, lower claim accruals and improve client satisfaction.


Up to 80% increase in productivity while reducing errors.

Automated claim portals come integrated with our content and event management system in your dashboard. 

Automated Events

Warranty Software Automation With Flexibility

Customize warranty structures, automated email and SMS correspondence and branding for an elegant customer centric solution.

Home warranty management software

Manage Plans

Create or manage contract types, terms and coverage limits. Additional coverage add-ons and subscriptions are easily managed as well.

Home warranty management software

Automated Correspondence

Never miss a claim, order or other time sensitive action items. Customizable SMS notification and email correspondence system built in for internal users, contractors and customers.

Home warranty management software

Quick Claim Handling

Claims from your customer portal land in your dashboard for quick handle times and improved customer satisfaction.

Home warranty management software

Contractor Dispatching

Refer or assign a contractor to any service ticket or claim. Fully automated and interactive work orders for contractors to provide detailed quote and diagnosis that links back to your claim dashboard.

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